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Presentations by our Members


If download material is available for a presentation it will by hyper-linked from the title

Meeting Date Presentation Title Presenter
 9/16/2014  RunCommand Constants Jackie Murphy
 4/15/2014  Logging who is in your database Roger Smeaton
 2/17/2014  Database requirements development Gary Erdel
 11/19/2013 Access Queries and converting an Excel file to relational tables Doug Murphy
Access Idol - Access Word Integration Barry Hynum
 11/20/2012 Access Idol - Fillable PDF Forms
Leo theDBGuy
 9/18/2012 Access Idol - Report Navigation Utility Charles Hartje
 7/17/2012 Overview of EBay Trading System Doug Murphy
 6/19/2012  Data Visualization Carla Bohnet
Matt Shemaker
 5/15/2012 Basic VBA, Getting Started
Show and tell  - Query Builder
Featured Presentation: Introduction to Utter Access
Polly Arndt
Darrell Burns 
Leo The DB Guy
 4/17/2012 Basic VBA, Getting Started
An Access point of sale application that uses credit card and bar code scanners
Importing data from unstructured spread sheets
Polly Arndt
Jackie Murphy
Doug Murphy
3/20/2012 Beginning VBA
Coders Corner
Coding Standards 
Coding Standards
Darrell Burns
Rocky Smolin 
Barry Hynum 
Doug Murphy 
2/21/2012 Access ETL (Extract, Transformation, Load)
Matt Shoemaker and Darrell Burns
1/18/2012 Access User Interface Design I. Gary Erdell
12/21/2011 Annual end of year meeting and festivities. Meeting topic - Ask the Expert Joe Anderson
10/19/2011 Exploring Web Database Options with Access and SharePoint Matt Baker
9/21/2011 SQL Server and Access Darrell Burns
9/20/2010 Access Forms Darrell Burns/Carla Bohnet/Doug Murphy
08/18/2010 Access Forms Darrell Burns
07/21/2010 Access 2010 Ribbons Barry Hynum
05/19/2010 Access 2007 Ribbons Part 2 Doug Murphy
04/21/2010 Access 2007 Ribbons Doug Murphy
02/17/2010 Report Navigation Utility Charles Hartje
10/21/2009 Email using CDO Mike Dwyer
10/21/2009 Email using BLAT Barry Hynum
10/21/2009 Email using Access functionality Doug Murphy
09/16/2009 Advanced Access Reports Carla Bohnet
07/15/2009 Interesting Access Query Examples Dixon Foss
06/17/2009 Benefits of Access as a Substitute for a .Net Dataset, AND controling form size on open Barry Hynum
01/21/2009 Introduction to Access Table development Carla Bohnet
11/19/2008 Using Access data to populate templated documents without using Word Doug Murphy
10/15/2008 Add Linked Pictures To Your Database Jackie Murphy
09/17/2008 A One-Stop Shopping Customizable Report Utility Carla Bohnet
08/20/2008 Automating Power Point Charts from Access Dixon Foss
02/20/2008 How to Build a Custom Form for Filtering Roger Smeaton
10/17/2007 Access Menus / Methods to output Access reports to pdf file format Doug Murphy
07/18/2007 Error Handling in VBA in Access Ed Lance
07/18/2007 Advanced Forms Barry Hynum
03/21/2007 Object-Oriented Programming for the Access Developer Charles Hartje
02/21/2007 Updating table information using an HTA file Doug Murphy
12/20/2006 Using Ultra Edit Barry Hynum
09/20/2006 Forms Continued Doug Murphy
08/16/2006 Queries 2 Doug Murphy
07/19/2007 Beginning queries Barry Hynum
06/21/2006 Tables Ed Lance
02/15/2006 Sending E-mail from Access Doug Murphy
02/15/2006 Splitting a database Roger Smeaton
10/19/2005 Aggregate Functions Barry Hynum
09/21/2005 Fundamentals of relational design Ed Lance
08/17/2005 Beginning Code - part 4 Patrick Lasu
05/18/2005 Beginning Code - part 3 Patrick Lasu
04/20/2005 Beginning Code - part 2 Patrick Lasu
02/16/2005 Beginning Code - part 1 Patrick Lasu
11/11/2004 Reports 1 Carla Bohnet
10/27/2004 ASP.Net-to-Access Interactions Barry Hynum
10/14/2004 Forms two Patrick Lasu
07/28/2004 Controlling Access form sizing for various screen resolutions Patrick Lasu
06/23/2004 Enhancing your application with GIS mapping technology Mike Dwyer
06/10/2004 Tables Barry Hynum
04/28/2004 Unbound Forms Patrick Lasu
03/24/2004 Charting for Access Romney Robinson
02/12/2004 Labels, mailmerge, and form letters Marc Hansche
01/28/2004 What is with WithEvents? Doug Murphy
10/23/2003 What is with WithEvents? Barry Hynum
10/09/2003 Contact presenter for this code. Carla Bohnet
09/24/2003 Using the new Printers Collection to control printing in an MDE Dixon Foss
09/11/2003 Access Queries Romney Robinson
08/27/2003 Error Handling, Debugging and Tracing in Access XP/2000 Ted McNeal
08/14/2003 Using Images in Access Forms Jackie Murphy
08/14/2003 Splitting a Database, How and Why Roger Smeaton
07/23/2003 Access Replication Doug Murphy
07/10/2003 Table Normalization Carla Bohnet
06/25/2003 Coders Corner - Database locking and show table links demos Rocky Smolin
06/12/2003 Microsoft Access Reports - Thinking Outside the Text Box Ofer Shimrat
05/29/2003 AccessXP Tips, Tricks and Undocumented Features Ted McNeal
03/21/2003 Microsoft Outlook Automation from Microsoft Access Ofer Shimrat
03/13/2003 Form Design Ed Lance
02/26/2003 Web site development with Access and Dreamweaver UltraDev / Data Suzanne Driggs / Stuart Harris
02/13/2003 Keyboard Shortcuts & Productivity Tips for Access 2000/2002 Ofer Shimrat
01/22/2003 Access Tips/Tricks/Techniques and Undocumented Functionality, 1 file in Access 2000 format. Ted McNeal
12/12/2002 Form Record Navigation, 2 files containing the sample database and Power Point Presentation. Access 2000 file format. Doug Murphy
11/14/2002 Word Automation , 5 files including a ReadMeFirst.txt file detailing what to do. Ofer Shimrat
08/28/2002 ADO Recordset Binding in Access XP Ted McNeal
07/11/2002 Normalization Randy Bennett
05/22/2002 Access 2000 - Code Re-use Through Code Libraries Ted McNeal
05/22/2002 Access 2002 - Code Re-use Through Code Libraries Ted McNeal
04/24/2002 Selecting a Consultant Barry Hynum
01/23/2002 Combo Boxes and List Boxes Doug Murphy
12/13/2001 DB Enabled Web Site Dev with RDS (+ Assorted Tools) Barry G. Hynum, Ph.D.
10/11/2001 Error Trapping and Other Very Practical Uses for VBA - Part II Ofer Shimrat
09/13/2001 Error Trapping and Other Very Practical Uses for VBA - Part I Ofer Shimrat
08/27/2001 Introducing Building Applications with Access Data Projects and SQL Server - Part II Ted McNeal
08/09/2001 Maximizing Screen Real Estate through Forms and Controls Ofer Shimrat
07/25/2001 Introducing Building Applications with Access Data Projects and SQL Server - Part I Ted McNeal
05/23/2001 Access XP Highlights Ted McNeal
01/26/2000 Access 97 Replication John Olson
01/03/2000 ADO Gordon Bennett
04/26/2000 Gathering Baseline Requirements Tim Henning
05/24/2000 Accessing SQL Server Using Jet/ODBC Direct in Access 97 Ted McNeal
06/08/2000 Intro To Database Design Rob Bird
07/26/2000 Tables II in Access 97 Ted McNeal
10/03/2000 A Modular Design and Testing Tool Barry Hynum, Ph.D.
10/12/2000 Access 2000 and SQL Server or MSDE Bret Stateham
09/09/1999 Understanding Tables and Relationships Gerry Presar
08/01/1999 MS Graph Use in Access 97 Barry Hynum
04/24/1998 Access Reports: Snapshots Jaime Richmond
04/25/1998 Office Automation Todd Taylor
07/07/1998 Access Security Jaime Richmond
09/24/1998 Access 97 Tables Overview David S. Knowles
07/01/1998 Ways to Control Program Flow Barry Hynum
03/24/1997 Copyright Law David Himelstein
05/29/1997 Access 97: Sending Faxes and Emails via Exchange Requirements Todd Taylor
07/16/1997 Trademark Law David Himelstein